The View Sellerdeck(Actinic) Theme
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The View Sellerdeck(Actinic) Theme

Included in this Sellerdeck(Actinic) Template /Theme:

- CSS site design
- Fast loading times
- Custom Basket Summary

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   Your teclan SellerDeck/Actinic Theme questions answered.....

The View Sellerdeck(Actinic) Theme

What does a teclan theme do for me??

All teclan's themes are designed to use the most effective techniques and technologies available.
We use CSS based designs and layouts to ensure that Search engines index your content better and pages load faster. This also helps with website accessibility standards.

What do I actually get given?

When you purchase one of teclan's SellerDeck/Actinic themes you get the following sent to you in a digital download file format:
  1. A SellerDeck/Actinic partial design snapshot
  2. All images as seen on theme example site
  3. A full SellerDeck/Actinic Snapshot (with dummy products and sections)
  4. A document and FAQ outlining all the steps required to install and use this theme
  5. Step by step instructions on how to install the theme
You will also be supported by the teclan technical support team in the installation of this theme.
(note: This support does not include making additional changes. Please see "Can I change things?")

Can I change things in the theme?

Yes you can. All teclan's SellerDeck/Actinic themes are built utilising SellerDeck/Actinic's fully customisable interface allowing you full control over elements such as page widths, foreground and background colours etc.

Elements that are not changeable directly will be the core layout structure and elements that are pre-made e.g. images, background images.

What if I want to change something in the theme that I cannot do using Actinic? Can this be done?

Yes. teclan can easily modify any or all elements of our pre-built themes to suit your individual requirements. We can use the theme of your choice as a base and amend the design as much or a little as you wish. Any additional work we do over and above the cost of the original theme is simply charged at a standard hourly design rate.

How long will it take to get my web site up and running with the new Actinic theme?

From purchase to live on your web site can be as little as a couple of hours.*

Once we receive payment and have processed your purchase we will send you all the content and files you require to get up and running with your new Actinic theme.
When you receive the file with all of the elements of the purchase (See "What do I get?") you will swiftly be able to get your new design up and online replacing any existing SellerDeck/Actinic design you may have in place with the new SellerDeck/Actinic theme.

(*This assumes you already have an SellerDeck/Actinic store online, in your version and that there are no heavily customised elements of your existing actinic store requiring moving across the the theme - If you do not then please give our team a call to organise getting your web site online, upgraded to version 9 and reviewed for ease of theme importing.)

What support do I get when I buy this Actinic theme?

When you purchase your theme from teclan for your Actinic V10 web site our team will aim to deliver the best support possible for assisting you with the installation of your theme.
Our support covers the downloading of the content you receive upon purchase, the importing and installing of the Actinic theme and the initial configuration of Actinic theme within your Actinic V9 software.

Can I get more support for my Actinic software or my online business?

Yes. As internet retail specialists teclan can assist you in many ways. We offer a comprehensive SellerDeck/Actinic support and cover service (Call 0845 868 9380 for more information) for your whole online business.
We also offer the teclan SEO Programme designed to build your sales and your online business to become successful.

"What happens if.....?" - your questions answered

What happens if I use the SellerDeck/Actinic theme and it does not look as it should?
- You may have non-theme layouts selected in your SellerDeck/Actinic content tree for your SellerDeck/Actinic elements e.g. sections, products etc. Please check your integration guide for full instructions on resolving this issue.
Can I use this theme over and over again on different sites?
- No. This is a single use license. You should only use this for only one website Please see our Actinic Theme terms and conditions
What do I receive after purchasing a template/theme?
Please see here
What support do I get after purchasing the theme?
More Info We will help you to import the theme and if there are any queries regarding that. We will not provide any software support unless you have purchased the technical support package.
Can I make changes to the themes?
We do not support any changes being made to the theme over and above the standard SellerDeck/Actinic functionality e.g. layout choice, colours from palette etc. We do support any changes made by teclan to a theme which is paid for by you.
Do I need to pay anything else after my purchase?
No, this is a one off fee.
Will importing and using the theme mean I loose all my products?
No, importing our partial snapshots means importing only the design and keeping your content exactly the same
Is it possible to use your SellerDeck/Actinic themes to develop websites for my customers?
Yes. It is perfect for designers who want to offer their customers a high-quality design and also save time and money. Remember that when you purchase the template with ordinary or exclusive licence you're entitled to create only one project (one domain name).
I have got SellerDeck/Actinic Catalog, would this theme will be compatible?
Yes, the themes are fully compatible with all levels of the SellerDeck/Actinic Software: Catalog, Business and Business Plus
Is this theme compatible with version 8 or lower?
- No, however we can build backward compatible templates based on this Actinic Theme