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Top 10 tips for retailers using Twitter

1. Make sure you register your brand name ASAP! – with the popularity of Twitter increasing at a phenomenal rate, it’s vital to claim your ID before someone else gets it first. 2. Write a biography – think carefully about what you want to write in the biography section; this is your opportunity to sell… Read more »


Valentine’s Day Email Marketing tips for your online business.

Show your customer’s some Love this Valentine’s Day. It’s not just chocolatiers and rose sellers that should be busy this Valentine’s day. You should use this opportunity to re-ignite your relationship with your customers and start talking to them. With a well thought out email marketing campaign you can do just that. Follow our 10… Read more »


Welcome to 2010 and the Online Business Boom!

Stopping only between 1pm and 4pm for Dinner, the last-minute rush to beat the Jan 1st VAT rise saw an online purchase made every 10 seconds on Christmas Day! With UK shoppers spending £5.3bn online in November 2009 – sales up by 25% on October, 11% compared to November 2008 – predictions for 4 million… Read more »


Tips and ideas from E-commerce experts

Here are some worthwhile tips from various e-commerce experts gathered over the last month. Tips are in no specific order, we hope they will help give you some ideas for your business in 2010. Shop Payment Gateways “Shop around to find the best deal in credit card processing gateways. Even a penny more per transaction… Read more »