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Ensuring that you are tracking revenue via Google Analytics is key for online businesses to determine what your online sales are and where they are coming from.

PayPal can be problematic because some sales are not recorded as they never return to your website.

For SellerDeck users, the newest update patches of 2014 and 2016 offer a solution to this by providing support for PDT (Payment Data Transfer).

The below is taken from the SellerDeck Forum and gives you instructions on how you can implement this feature.

“Please consider using PDT with PayPal as this will then allow customers to ‘auto-return’ and they will not have the option to click away elsewhere.

Here is how to activate PDT.

You must activate PDT and Auto Return in your PayPal account profile. You must also acquire a PDT identity token, which is used in all PDT communication you send to PayPal.

Follow these steps to configure your account for PDT:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the ‘Profile’ subtab.
  3. Click ‘Website Payment Preferences’ in the ‘Seller Preferences’ column.
  4. Under ‘Auto Return’ for Website Payments, click the ‘On’ radio button.
  5. For the ‘Return URL’, enter the URL on your site that will receive the transaction ID posted by PayPal after a customer payment.
  6. Under ‘Payment Data Transfer’, click the ‘On’ radio button.
  7. Click ‘Save’.
  8. Click ‘Website Payment Preferences’ in the ‘Seller Preferences’ column.
  9. Scroll down to the ‘Payment Data Transfer’ section of the page to view your PDT identity token.

Once you have the identity token, go to ‘Settings | Business Settings | Payment and Security’ select ‘PayPal Website Payments’ and click the ‘Configure Method’ button and enter the identity token code into the field ‘Identity Token’ and click ‘OK’ and then in the main ‘Payment and Security’ screen click ‘Apply’ and close the screen.

Once you have done this upload the site for the changes to take place.”

With this latest update it’s now a good time to upgrade. teclan have been using the SellerDeck (Actinic) Shopping Cart since 1999 and are Award Winning Ecommerce Responsive Designers. Contact us today on  01463 898 043 to discover how we can grow your business!

3 comments on “SellerDeck PayPal Auto Returns

  1. Jez Hall on

    Hi there – this is useful but step 5 is a bit ambiguous – “For the ‘Return URL’, enter the URL on your site that will receive the transaction ID posted by PayPal after a customer payment.”

    What is the URL ?

    • Rory on

      Hi Jez, the URL you want is the receipt page or payment completed page. For Sellerdeck sites you need the receipt page url which is usually a cgi-bin page something like:

      but it will vary depending on your domain name, script ID and extension (.cgi or .pl)

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