Top 10 Great Examples of Well Designed Actinic Product Layouts

A good product page layout is absolutely essential in designing your ecommerce website, as it can make or break an ecommerce website. A good product layout will be simple in design and clearly show the buying area (buy button), as well as this the information must be laid out clearly with a very clear image of the product, many good websites are failed by poor product images.

Top 10 Great Examples of Well Designed Actinic Product Layouts


1. Mower Magic – Has a simple product layout with check boxes for upselling products

3. Name Art – This website has a really nice product layout, very good use of images and the information is clear

4. Pour Les Enfants – This website has a great product layout with good use of social media

5. Cartridge Co – A simple layout for a lot of information, everything is separated into its own area to enable the product layout to be as clear as possible.

6. Polished Bliss – Again a very clear product layout with good use of images

7. The Cake Store – A well laid out product layout with clear product options

8. Nigel’s Eco Store – A clear product layout with a lot of features such as social media and  multiple images

Just 4 Baby

9. Just 4 Baby – A stylish overall design which delivers a punchy mix of product and sales based information in a very competitive market

10. Cheeks and Cherries – A product layout that shows a good quality image really does sell the product.

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