Why you need a SellerDeck mobile website design.

First a few facts:

At least 50% of internet users have accessed the internet via a phone or mobile device.*

*Office for National Statistics

The world has reached 6 billion mobile devices in use! *


John Lewis reports sales of tablet devices outstripping desktop devices for the first time*

*Retail News

Now a few questions:
– Do you have a SellerDeck website and are already wondering what to do to ensure you do not lose out on the growing market share that uses mobile and tablet devices?
– Are you confident that your existing site works correctly on these different devices?
– Have you thought about having to invest in new software or an additional platform to service this new market?
– Have you considered how your website will deliver your important content to users on new, up and coming mobile devices e.g. Apple’s new iPad?

Now a few benefits:
– Future proof your business – no new redesigns required for future device releases.
– Save money by only requiring one website – back-end administration stays exactly the same
– deliver the correct content, in the correct way, to the correct devices – e.g. big “finger-friendly” buttons for mobile users, text links for desktop
– Get ahead of your competitors – capture the mobile users loyalty before your competitors can react.

Now for some answers:

Using a responsive web design technique directly within the SellerDeck platform we are able to create a single website within the software that actually adapts and changes how it displays based on the width of the device.

One website – multiple displays.

See it in action in SellerDeck on one of our recently completed designs (hint: If viewing on a desktop simply make the browser narrower, in steps, to see the dynamically changing effect in action)

About Fergus

As the Managing Director of teclan ltd Fergus has been identifying and exploring new and emerging opportunities in the ecommerce market for over 15 years.