Top 10 Impressive Actinic Websites

There are thousands of Actinic sites out on the inter-web but how many of the have taken advantage of great design techniques, usability, accessibility and functionality.
Being experts in working with Actinic Ecommerce we have complied a list of Actinic sites that we think really do seem to stand out above the rest.


Mens Gift Shop

A new Actinic version 10 website that uses a large number of custom features to improve the usability of the site, such as gift idea slider, custom search, mega menu, product image zoom, to name but a few.


Amplifyd Concepts
A very modern looking Actinic Ecommerce website that makes good use of a wide selection of techniques such as rotating banners and ‘also bought’ gallery


Mower Magic
An ecommerce store that takes advantage of an imposing design, and has multiple custom features such as drop down menu, image lightbox, auto price calculation and more…


Appliance House
A really nice crisp and clean design that really allows the products to stand out. Navigation throughout the site and continuity is one of the best.



Rannoch Scott Wines
A fantastic innovative design and quite unusual. Product image displays are done very well on this website and the product page really does sell the product.

A really clearly laid out website that combines vibrant product images with multiple marketing offers and features well.


A really fun looking website that does well at getting the site’s message across. Good use of the Actinic search feature on the homepage and nice Jquery slider effects


Print on Black
An edgy design that has very nice design effects such as on the header, nice tarnished look and again a great looking and very usable product layout takes it to the next level.


Storm Bathrooms
This site definitely does not look like a standard Actinic site, although a very clean/simple design it shows its products off very effectively.

If you are interested in taking your Actinic site to the next level, please call on to discuss what options are available to your online business.

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  1. Garry on

    Love the list you’ve compiled. Really shows what can be achieved with Actinic, especially pleased to see my Printon Black design on there! Thanks All

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