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As part of our successful ongoing relationship with the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of automotive keytags and accessories, teclan undertook the first part of a major overhaul of their website offering with the conversion of their flagship website from Sellerdeck to WordPress.

From 6 separately maintained sites their offering was restructured to provide a similar user experience to their customers in a choice of 4 languages but using just two WordPress based systems, one for the UK and one for mainland Europe, presented in French, Dutch and German languages.

The customer now has the capability to manage and maintain their site on the cloud in real time across multiple accounts and requiring much less work to keep the European sites updated and consistent as they run from a single database. The aim project-wide has been to allow for greater ease of maintenance and higher conversion rates for the client by moving to a mobile friendly solution.

We have worked with the team at teclan to produce much-enhanced web offerings for our customers in both the UK and mainland Europe - resulting in efficiencies of website and data maintenance. The switch to the improved responsive WordPress site has been welcomed by our customers. A customer is always happiest when his customers are happy - so we continue to enjoy friendly support and knowledgeable technical expertise from teclan in web design, support, digital marketing, hosting & SEO. Martin, Autotag