teclan are Bing Ad Accredited Professionals

teclan are Bing Accredited and we work with our Digital Marketing customers managing this often underutilised digital channel to get the most out of their Bing Ad campaigns.

Since Bing partnered with Yahoo to create the Yahoo Bing Network in 2012 they have been a slowly growing competitor to Google’s dominance of the internet. Over 10% of all searches being made in the UK and 35% of searches in the US are now made using Bing.


Be it for brand presence or product sales, Bing is now a serious digital marketing avenue that online businesses and marketers need to take advantage of. Some of the benefits that can be exploited by using Bing include:

– businesses being displayed on two different Ad networks.
– the fact that Bing is the default Search Engine for Xbox, Kindle, Apple Siri, Windows Phones and Windows 8.
– the fact that Yahoo is the default Search Engine on Firefox.
– that for those businesses wanting to advertise in the USA, Bing has a third share of overall search traffic in the States.
– Bing Shopping Ads.

Case Study

teclan looked closely at the Bing Ad campaign results for four of our customers over the month of May 2015. These businesses are in extremely diverse industries, reducing the chance of seasonal or product similarities. The results indicate that all four online traders have shown a 700%+ return on investment!

The ‘user experience’ on Bing is also an important factor. In 2012, Bing asked the public through a marketing poll which Search Engine they believed was better when its results were presented without branding. Dubbed ‘Bing It On’ the study showed that 57% of participants preferred Bing’s results, with only 30% preferring Google.

“Our ongoing relationship with teclan and their encouragement to invest in Bing Ads has paid dividends. We remain very impressed with the return on investment and look forward to seeing this sales channel continue to grow, as projected.”

David Bradfield, Managing Director, Autotag Trading Ltd

If you want to explore the world of Bing, have questions about the upcoming launch of Bing Product Ads and Bing Display Ads, or want to enjoy a healthy ROI that using Bing could bring, contact us today on 01463 898043.

Bing Ad Accredited

teclan are Bing Ad Accredited professionals