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teclan specialise in e-commerce. We understand your needs as a retailer and we also understand the consumer mentality. We have been using the SellerDeck (Actinic) Shopping Cart to combine the two requirements since 1999.

With a vast number of internet users now connecting via mobile devices and increased growth year on year, you must ensure your SellerDeck website delivers the correct content, in the correct format, to the correct device.

Welcome to the Responsive Web

Responsive Designteclan’s third generation responsive websites are built using a flexible framework that responds to the size of the browser or device that is being used and alters the website content to fit. Responsive sites work from one set of code so you only have to keep one SellerDeck site up to date rather than maintaining a separate mobile site or app.

Due to the number of different mobile devices on the market today we prefer not to target specific devices such as the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy, but instead design you a site that works across a broad spectrum of devices from mobile to monitor, and provide a good user experience for the greatest number of people. In effect you get a “small”, “medium” and “large” version of your website but with the same ability to drive purchasers to your products.

Our latest sites are also built using the “mobile first” principle, which loads code for mobile devices first. This means code for medium or large screens is not loaded until required and keeps page load sizes down.

One website. One platform. One system. Multiple designs for multiple devices.

Our responsive sites bring advanced features into SellerDeck using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 coding standards for modern browsers such as form validation, image zooms, responsive videos, product carousels, tabs and accordions plus our specially designed mobile-friendly navigation that makes it easy for users to find their way through your site, purchase and check out easily on any device.

Take a look at some of our sites:

“We worked closely with teclan whose expertise helped us to deliver this world class, award winning, responsive website, to ensure that our company continues to offer the best experience for our online customers.”

Professional, prompt and polite. Teclan's skill at crafting SellerDeck and optimising with speed in mind keeps us ahead of our competition and at the cutting edge.

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