Environmental Aims

We consistently aim to reduce and remove our environmental impact wherever possible. To date we have undertaken the following measures to address this issue:


  1. Global power management switch-off system – designed to switch off all non-vital electrical devices in all offices outwith office hours e.g. monitors on standby and redundant networking equipment.
  2. Zero paper printing policy – as of August 2009 we switched off our office printers and only print where there is a statutory requirement, with all documents managed electronically wherever possible.
  3. Cycle to work scheme – we actively encourage staff to take part in this scheme. To date we have purchased 6 bicycles for staff to cycle to work.
  4. Waste recycling policy – all received paper waste is reused/recycled through nearby recycling facilities.
  5. Energy efficient purchase policy – as of July 2009 all hardware purchased must confirm to certain “green” credentials e.g.green ethernet on all switches and hubs.
  6. Staff education programmes – awareness campaigns for all staff to help save energy e.g. switch off light posters and procedures.