WordPress PageSpeed and Performance

Your website needs to be faster, because customers have short attention spans. You need WordPress performance optimisation to keep your website fast and up to date.

WordPress performance is importantA study by Google showed that 53% of users leave a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.¹ Another survey found 46% of people rate a slow page load as the most annoying thing to them when browsing on a mobile device.² In a busy marketplace, you need that performance edge to attract and capture customers.

In the world of e-commerce, page speed equals revenue.

Often, you are too busy running your business to keep your website updated technically. Between posting blog content, editing your latest offers or changing a page on your website you barely have time to keep the plugins, themes and code current. Let teclan manage the more technical aspects of speeding up your website so you can focus on content.

Our WordPress pagespeed optimisation services can help you with WordPress maintenance. From as little as £22 a week you can have peace of mind that your WordPress site will be secure, looked after technically so you can focus on your content, and as fast as it can be.

Improve your WordPress performance to retain customers and make management easier

Our WordPress support packages will make life faster for your site visitors. What’s included:

  • We’ll run an audit on your site, and identify any plugins that could be causing performance problems and ways the speed could be improved.
  • We’ll install some performance plugins to speed up your site, your content and keep your page speed up. That includes sorting things that Google PageSpeed tells you about, like compressing CSS and HTML and optimising your images!
  • We’ll check your scores regularly and suggest any areas of content that could be improved to keep you right in future.
  • Once per month we’ll update all plugins, and we’ll update your WordPress software when a new release comes out. We’ll resolve any theme or plugin conflicts or problems that arise from updates. No more worrying about your site vanishing or getting stuck in maintenance mode – the white screen of death!
  • After your initial audit, prices start from £100/month including everything from our WordPress Security page.
  • UK based support with quick response times.

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¹ https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/marketing-resources/data-measurement/mobile-page-speed-new-industry-benchmarks/
² https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2015/04/mobilemadness-campaign-to-help-you-go.html