WordPress Support and Maintenance Plans

teclan can help you keep your website in top condition and secure it from interference with our WordPress maintenance and WordPress support plans.

  • Do you ever log in to your WordPress and get a notice that you need to update a plugin, or WordPress itself? Unsure what to do next?
  • Have you ever updated your WordPress site and something has broken, or your site has disappeared altogether?
  • Do you worry that your site is not backed up often enough, or ever?
  • Do you think your site is too slow?

This is where we come in. Created to meet the demands of our customers, our WordPress support options can help you keep your install up to date, including plugin and software updates, regular backups and maximised performance. There are two main areas of focus included in your plan: WordPress performance and WordPress security.

WordPress Security

Designed to give you peace of mind in the era of open source software.

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WordPress Optimisation

Designed to make WordPress run faster for your site visitors.

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From the equivalent of just £22 a week you can have peace of mind that your WordPress site will be looked after technically so you can focus on what’s important to your customers – your content and your business.

All our packages include an audit at the start followed by monthly updates. Audits include checking the current setup of your web hosting, your database and your WordPress dashboard, checking your user access accounts and passwords as well as your plugins and themes for compatibility issues.

teclan will then keep your plugins, themes and WordPress software up to date throughout the year, as well as daily backups, monitoring security and performance pro-actively.


Our plans are available monthly or annually.

  • Payment Schedule
  • Setup & Audit
  • Cost
  • Monthly Plan
  • £200*
  • £100/mo
  • Annual Plan
  • n/a
  • £1200*

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* prices listed above excluding VAT. With the monthly plan, setup cost includes your first monthly payment. 1st year cost

A few things you might need to know.

  • We can’t guarantee you a targeted PageSpeed score but if you don’t see an improvement, you won’t keep subscribing. We’ll make your site better!
  • Service does not cover custom modifications made by third parties to theme or plugin files – wherever possible teclan will provide a fix for a performance or security issue arising but may incur an additional charge.
  • Security issues will be dealt with as a matter of priority by our support team but as per our terms and conditions, will incur an additional charge in the event of an insecure password being set by the customer or a third party (non-WordPress) application being the cause.
  • teclan ltd will need full administrator access to your WordPress install for the duration of the support period.
  • No contract – cancel at any time.
  • Subscriptions can be billed monthly or yearly cancelled at any time or can be added as part of your Digital Marketing service.
  • Monthly payments will be repeat billed by credit card.
  • Further terms and conditions can be found here.