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For ease of use and maximum outreach to customers, a teclan WordPress web design should be your first choice!

At teclan we have an experienced WordPress web design team, providing mobile-friendly responsive websites backed up by one of the world’s most popular content management systems – now powering more than 25% of the world’s. The beauty of WordPress is that it is user-friendly and easy to expand, which means that the future of your website is in your hands – not your web developers!

Our responsive WordPress web designs are built using a flexible theme that responds to the size of the browser or device that is being used, altering the website content to fit, increasing usability and customer experience on all sizes of screen.

We can provide all levels of WordPress website, from simple installs that let you get on with it, through to professionally customised premium themes and completely bespoke themes. We can also provide WordPress blogs that are styled up to match your pre-existing e-commerce website.

Why this is the right choice for you

Responsive sites work from one codebase so you only have to manage and update one website with no need to maintain a separate mobile site/app, saving you time and money.

Even Google has said this is the way forward.

This is made even easier by the powerful WordPress dashboard, allowing easy web-based management of almost every aspect of your site and a massive, ever-growing plugin eco-system for adding new features. In short, if you want to do it online, you can do it with WordPress.

Examples of Responsive Designs by teclan

“We approached Teclan to undertake a complete re-design of both the front and back end of our website. They listened carefully to our specific needs, provided valuable insight into the process and delivered an excellent product that exceeded our expectations. Communication was clear and responsive so at all times we felt our project was in very safe hands. All the team members whom we had the pleasure to work with during the re-design were amiable and professional and we would welcome the opportunity to work with Teclan again.”

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