Google Penguin Update

After Panda update and subsequent panda releases, Google have released a new update called a Penguin Update. Below is the post from Google: Source- Google Inside Search blog ( “….Google has said before that search engine optimization, or SEO, can be positive and constructive—and we’re not the only ones. Effective search engine optimization can make… Read more »


Mobile Commerce – the future of technological retailing?

The development of online payment systems in the mobile commerce age: Remember a time when the internet meant connecting to a couple of basic websites on an archaic desktop machine using Internet Explorer 4 or  5? Ecommerce was simple – one browser to design for, one shop with checkout to build, one platform to market.… Read more »


Backing up an Actinic Site & Performing a Compact & Repair

Making sure you back up your site and compact your database regularly ensures peace of mind if anything goes wrong with your site and helps Actinic run more smoothly. teclan recommends that you carry out these tasks at least once a week. Additionally a lot of Actinic issues can be resolved by completing a compact and repair. Backing… Read more »


Googlebase Feed – Tips from an Internet Retailer

From Jackie Hendry, Handling my own Googlebase Feed was quite a learning curve for me, but once I had sussed what it is that Google wanted, it was pretty straightforward.  The aim of a successful data feed is not to get any errors or warnings.  To eliminate these make sure you have done the… Read more »


Getting Started with Secure Payments

Getting Started with Secure Payments One of the most important aspects of your online business is a reliable, secure link between the customer and the bank in the form of a secure payment gateway.  A Payment Service Provider (PSP) will deal with the authorisation and security checks on your behalf to help prevent fraud.  This… Read more »


Update Google Base Feed for Actinic

Update Google Base Feed for Actinic If you are not already listing your products on Google Base then you are missing out on sales, however please note the rules for submissions to Google Base have recently been updated. Google base allows you to freely list your products in Google’s shopping search results. The Google base… Read more »


Actinic Business v11

The V11 update has received lots of positive feedback from our customers. Here’s what the press think Actinic Business v11 (Extract from The Telegraph) This ecommerce software is an improvement on earlier versions and sophisticated enough to suit most online retailing needs So you’ve set up a decent website, but you want to sell things… Read more »


Email marketing can increase sales by up to 10%

We often recommend email marketing to our clients and customers. It is often touted as the most cost effective way to market to your customer base to grow your online sales. To demonstrate this we undertook a recent survey from a sample* of our customers which yielded some powerful and  interesting statistical results. Over 65%… Read more »