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With over fifteen years’ experience in web hosting for eCommerce sites, teclan can offer a fully-managed hosting service to complement your Digital Marketing package.

teclan’s eCommerce hosting is provided on fast servers with fast hardware, housed within a fast data-centre resident on a T1 fast network. This gives our websites the best chance of being delivered quickly to your potential customer’s web browser.

As a member of Nominet, we can also provide you with full domain name registration and management services. We can also provide and install SSL certificates.

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Quantum eCommerce Hosting

teclan provides a choice of hosting areas. We can set one up ready for you to build your website or, if you are moving an existing site, we can take care of the migration for you to ensure all files are set up or transferred over to prevent any downtime of your site.

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VPS Hosting

teclan VPS servers offer a price point between shared Quantum eCommerce hosting and dedicated servers. Offering quality performance levels they give greater control and isolation over shared hosting solutions, and are perfect for hosting a portfolio of multiple web sites.

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Dedicated Servers

Affordable and reliable dedicated servers allow you the ultimate performance for your web-based enterprise whether you have a single site with heavy resource requirements or a network of sites to help grow your business. We also provide you with a choice of platforms, Linux/Unix or Windows. Take a look and get in touch with teclan today.

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