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For years teclan has been driving growth in businesses of all sizes. We achieve this by working with you to launch marketing strategies to get your products in front of people who are ready to buy.

Increasing your Revenue and Sales is what we specialise in. Whether it’s Paid Advertising, SEO, Website Optimisation or a custom agreement you are guaranteed a team of experts delivering results.

How do we do it?

Our team of Google-certified paid advertising specialists have decades of experience. Discussing your business goals, we work with you to launch adverts on the best platform(s) for your business. Then we regularly monitor and optimise the performance, giving you the time to run your business efficiently.



Create Strategy

Agree on the plan


Launch Adverts

Drive ready-to-buy customers to
your website


Optimise Performance

Fine-tune based on results and
grow sales

Your Benefits

The advantages of using teclan to manage your paid ads


Teclan manages over £250,000 in ad spend every single month for our clients.

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A local industrial supplier grew their year-on-year paid advertising revenue by 215% (2021 vs 2022) after working with teclan from the start of 2022. This was achieved through Google Ads strategies implemented by our Paid Advertising team.

A manufacturer and distributor of key tags based in the UK closed 2022 with a 2,228% return on ad-spend by utilising Google Search and Shopping Ads.

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A specialised industrial business grew their overall online revenue from £736,000 in 2020 up to £1,569,000 in 2022 by working with teclan to grow their sales.

All figures above are real results achieved by teclan with business names witheld for privacy reasons.

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