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Aero Commerce

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What is Aero Commerce?

Aero Commerce is a powerful ecommerce platform designed with the evolving needs of modern retailers in mind. It was designed to solve many of the problems that other competing platforms have: from lack of customisation, to poor performance or expensive running costs.

As an Aero Partner Agency, teclan are excited to be one of the first agencies in Scotland to offer Aero Commerce web designs, and we are proud to work closely with the company as they grow and expand Aero – with the stated aim of becoming the world’s leading ecommerce platform.

Your Benefits

Why choose Aero Commerce?

Built for performance

Aero is blazingly fast, and is designed to stay that way even as your site grows and becomes more successful. Having a large product catalogue can cause some platforms to struggle with performance or even increase your monthly costs, but Aero is designed to work differently. It uses very modern technology frameworks to achieve high performance ecommerce, leaving older platforms in the dust.

It is fast and efficient, and years of ecommerce experience mean best practice is built in. You can expect high google Lighthouse (PageSpeed) scores as standard.

Fully configurable

teclan can help you craft an amazing customer experience using Aero for ecommerce. Many features that other platforms charge extra for are already built in, but almost anything you need can be added with custom development.

Business To Consumer customers will probably find the most benefits for the features that are offered “out of the box”, but it works very well for Business to Business too with the addition of some modules – Aero’s versions of apps/plugins.

It’s also great for SEO, with access to modify all the areas you are used to like URL structure and meta tags.

Support from teclan and Aero

The support from Aero themselves for merchants and developers is excellent, which allows us to work with the client and Aero themselves to get a solution for any issue you may encounter. We have completed a number of Aero projects migrating websites from SellerDeck to AeroCommerce, as well as launching brand new ecommerce sites.

How much does an Aero Web Design cost?

Because they are technologically quite advanced, Aero ecommerce stores are not as quick to get up and running as say Shopify or WooCommerce. But it means you can have what is exactly right for your business.

The core pricing model for Aero is based around a monthly fee based on your site’s turnover, which only begins once the site launches. That means you can have as many products or pages as you want without it costing more!

You will also want to budget for hosting and support costs with teclan so we can assist you to grow and improve your store.

Having a ready built customer base in place will enable you to hit the ground running, but Aero’s speed benefits could help your site climb search rankings quite quickly even if it was brand new.

Can I use Aero Commerce for a small store?

An Aero web design works just as well on smaller catalogues but it does have higher development costs than say Shopify or WooCommerce. In considering it for a smaller store selling just a few products, you would need to weigh costs at the outset against the possibility of expansion in future. Pound for pound we still feel it is a better investment than other competing large scale platforms eg Magento.

If you are just looking to dip your toes into e-Commerce for your business, Shopify or WooCommerce both offer great starting points with lower costs of entry and we’re always happy to advise if you aren’t sure which is right for you.

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