Typos, Lits* and Bad Spelling.

Typos, Lits* and Bad Spelling. [Lits’ – abbreviated version of Literal: Noun – a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind] The common belief is that a few typos on any website are to be expected. But why should that be, with the many spell-check programmes freely available now? And does… Read more »


Top 10 tips for retailers using Twitter

1. Make sure you register your brand name ASAP! – with the popularity of Twitter increasing at a phenomenal rate, it’s vital to claim your ID before someone else gets it first. 2. Write a biography – think carefully about what you want to write in the biography section; this is your opportunity to sell… Read more »


Actinic Ecommerce 10 – BETA version

Actinic have just announced the public BETA program of their Actinic Ecommerce software for Business.

Building on their 10+ years of providing market leading ecommerce solutions to Internet retailers, Actinic have released the much anticipated version 10 of their award winning software into Beta. This Beta program allows existing and new users to Actinic to view the latest release from Actinic in advance of it’s official launch of the final production release.