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We send over 2 million email newsletters per month

As an email marketing service provider, teclan will provide industry-leading email marketing campaigns for your business, using the latest techniques and technology to ensure your email marketing is responsive and reaches your market no matter what device they are viewing it upon. We want to get your customers as responsive as our newsletters.

We design your newsletters with creativity, passion and attention to detail, put together by a team of content writers, graphic artists and HTML gurus.

We then test them across over 30 email clients and devices so it is optimised for whichever device it is viewed on. With more than half of emails now opened on mobile devices, it is imperative that a reader has the same quality of user experience on a mobile as desktop. We also test against 15 spam checkers used by popular email clients to increase the chances of your campaign hitting the inbox, not the junk folder.

"[teclan] have been our best ally along the journey to the development of our online solution."

"teclan's expertise helped us to deliver this world class, award winning, responsive website."

Increase Sales

  • Regular campaigns sent to achieve maximum reach and maximum sales
  • Make your newsletters attractive to the eye
  • Motivate customers to subscribe
  • Excite your customers and increase their engagement
  • Establish and reinforce brand presence with your existing customer base
  • Increase e-commerce conversion rate with bespoke, designed landing pages

Reduce Costs

  • No more pay-per-send costs
  • Avoid costly email send errors
  • Reduce email list management time
  • Free up your valuable time to be applied elsewhere in your business

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