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Domain Names

Domain names are the names which people use to come to your website or to find your online business, and are not only crucial for establishing your online brand they can also be useful additions to any digital marketing campaign.

There are several types of domain names you can have and at teclan we can register and administer the domain names for you. All you need to do is let us know which one you would like and we will check the availability for you. Call us on 01463 898043 to discuss the best domain name for your business.

Current Domain Pricing

Domain 1 year (ex VAT) 5 years (ex VAT) 10 years (ex VAT)
.co.uk, .org.uk £15.99 (2yrs) n/a £49.95
.com, .net, .org, .biz £25.00 £94.95 £189.00
.scot £49.99 £199.99 CALL

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

  • Brainstorm Five Top Keywords
    When you first begin your domain name search, it helps to have five terms or phrases in mind that best describe the domain you’re looking for. Once you have this list, you can start to pair them or add prefixes and suffixes to create good domain ideas.
  • Make the Domain Unique
    Having your website confused with a popular site already owned by someone else is a recipe for disaster. We would recommend that you do not choose domains that are the plural, hyphenated or misspelled versions of an already established domain.
  • Make it Easy to Type
    If a domain name requires considerable attention to type correctly, due to spelling, length or the use of non-memorable words or sounds, you’ve lost a good portion of your branding and marketing value.
  • Make it Easy to Remember
    Remember that word-of-mouth and SERPs dominance marketing rely on the ease with which the domain can be called to mind. You don’t want to be the company with the terrific website that no one can ever remember to tell their friends about because they can’t remember the domain name.
  • Keep the Name as Short as Possible
    Short names are easy to type and easy to remember.
  • Avoid Copyright Infringement
    This is a mistake that isn’t made too often, but can sink a great domain and a great company when it does. To be sure you’re not infringing on anyone’s copyright with your site’s name, visit copyright.gov and search before you buy.

For more information on choosing or purchasing a domain name please call us on 01463 898043

Domain Name Extensions

There are many domain name extensions:

  • Global ones like .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz
  • UK domains such as .co.uk, .org.uk
  • National domains for all nations on the planet; .fr, .de .jp .it .scot etc.

There are some national domains that have taken on a global significance or alternative use, for instance the national domain of Tuvalu in the South Pacific, .tv, is used globally by multimedia and television companies. The .ws domain of Western Samoa is used globally as an acronym of “website.”

.uk Domain Name Terms and Conditions

By entering into an agreement with teclan administering a .uk domain name you are also entering into a third party agreement with Nominet.
Details of the third party agreement can be found here:
Details of Nominet Terms and Conditions can be found here:
Details of teclan’s domain name Terms and Conditions can be found here:

.uk Domain Names – Complaints/Abuse Complaints and Appeal Procedures

In order to make a complaint to teclan please email info@teclan.com in the first instance with the details of your complaint.
We aim to deal with all complaints raised within 24 working day hours.
Should you not be satisfied with any response or resolution then you can escalate this issue either by emailing abuse@teclan.com or contacting the teclan management team using the details on our contact us page

.uk Domain Names – Customer Service Level Commitments

In regard to all communication regarding .uk domain names teclan endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 24 working day hours.

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