Google Remarketing – getting more sales from your website visitors

Written by Fergus Weir on April 22, 2014

OK – so your website is looking great. It’s responsive for all devices, it’s got great product images and is well optimised for search engines and customers alike.

A customer arrives, has a plod through your products and pages, and for some unfathomable, frustrating reason they simply do not click and buy right there and then! How dare they!

They wander on their merry way to the next website that grabs their span-shortened attention. You’ve lost them for ever……
Or have you?

All is

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Search Engine Results and E-Commerce: is the dream coming to a end?

Written by Fergus Weir on April 16, 2014

Having worked at the sharp end of developing e-commerce practices for over 15 years, I have witnessed the changing relationship Google, Bing, Yahoo et al have had with businesses trying to make a living selling goods online.

Here’s a short tale giving some insight into what has happened, and more importantly, where things are going next!

A little history: first there was the honeymoon period, where any website had a chance to rise to the top of the organic rankings (there was

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Windows XP support comes to an end.

Written by Fergus Weir on April 10, 2014

If you are using Windows XP then, as of 8th April 2014, your computer will no longer be protected and security patched by Microsoft


Microsoft has ended the support and updates for its once flagship product.

With the continued developments of the Windows 8 platform, coupled with the recent news that Microsoft is releasing its operating system to mobile phone manufacturers for free, the company decided that it can no longer continue to support and patch up its 12 year old operating

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OpenSSL HeartBleed bug – a security vulnerability?

Written by Fergus Weir on April 10, 2014

Recent security announcements have highlighted an urgent exploitable bug in the OpenSSL protocol. This is the part of the internet that is used whenever you access a website through a secure connection – usually when a padlock appears in your web browser.

Whilst the news was spun by many as a major security issue affecting millions of us, the actual details are  a little less alarming e.g. it does not affect all of the worlds web servers and there are is

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Google Shopping Campaigns – how to get better ROI on your PPC advertising

Written by Fergus Weir on April 8, 2014

OK – what have Google gone and done now?

Let’s have a quick recap of what they have thrown at us in just the last couple of years: Google Adwords. Google Base. Froogle. Google Shopping. Google Product Listing Ads. Google Remarketing. Google Shopping Campaigns……..”What are they all and what do I do with them all?”

For the uninitiated it can be hair-tearing-out stuff indeed!

What it means for online retailers?

Google have recently being rolling out new versions of the Adwords/Shopping combinations. We wrote

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Google Universal Analytics – what does it mean to you?

Written by teclan Ltd on April 3, 2014

Google Universal Analytics

We want to make all our customers and clients aware of Google’s latest Analytics upgrade – Universal Analytics.
This is important as Google with be retiring the current analytics by the end of this year and everyone using Analytics will be required to migrate to the latest version.

If you currently use Analytics, especially for tracking sales, conversions and visits to your ecommerce website, then you had better be aware of the upcoming changes.

First, however, let me cover some of

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Microsoft email blacklists – why many people are unable to send to Hotmail.

Written by teclan Ltd on March 26, 2014

It has been brought to our attention in recent days that there are now several accounts from other hosting companies and email providers of emails to, and being blocked from delivery due to Microsoft’s own blacklists.

This is not wholly uncommon. Microsoft have blocked several email servers in the past (e.g. NHS blocked by Microsoft)

The effect? Any email originating from a blocked IP address will be refused delivery. This can effect entire ranges of websites, domains and even

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Common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Written by Fergus Weir on March 21, 2014

At teclan we are constantly encouraging our Digital Marketing customers to send out marketing emails for their online business. It is still by far one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available to online retailers.
We thought it may be valuable to outline some of the common mistakes we have seen companies and individuals making when performing their own email marketing campaigns.

Some common mistakes:

Frequency – some companies sending five emails a week, or worse – one a month!  It

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Grow your email lists – Grow your business

Written by Fergus Weir on March 3, 2014

Many of our customers, when asking us what they need to be doing to succeed, will know the evangelical fervour that we have at teclan when discussing email marketing.
We can cite many examples of own customers who have become successful over the years in no small part due to careful management and growing of their email lists.

But how to grow your own email list?
Email addresses are like a customer’s valued property or possession. They should not part with it lightly.

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