Mobilegeddon – was it for real?

Written by Fergus on May 22, 2015


So, the 21st of April came and went. The much-hyped algorithm update from Google that affects the organic rankings of non-responsive website designs was rolled out across the internet… or was it?

Mobilegeddon crashed upon us all engulfing us in a wave of fear over disastrous search engine ranking losses, and we’ve been since asking ourselves “Were there any survivors?” The short answer is yes… and no!

The roll-out and update did start happening on the 21st April, however it was not

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Harts of Stur beat John Lewis and Lakeland in award for best website.

Written by Fergus on May 11, 2015
Harts of Stur

Harts of Stur – Best Housewares Website winners.

Harts of Stur, one of the UK’s largest in-store and online retailers of cookware, kitchenware and kitchen electrics, have won the “Britain’s Best Housewares Retail Website Award 2015″ beating ecommerce giants such as John Lewis, Lakeland and Aga Cook Shop to the title.

Their award winning website ( was designed and built by the teclan team during 2014.

Speaking about their achievement at winning the award for their new website Graham Hart, director of

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Keep on top of your Google Shopping to avoid suspension.

Written by Richard on April 28, 2015

Recently we have noticed a small increase in some clients’ Google Shopping accounts coming under threat of suspension due to the way their prices are displayed in the feed, on the site or on both.

Google states “Google Shopping requires merchants to provide users with complete and correct tax information. The prices of the items submitted in the data feed must be inclusive of any applicable taxes such as value-added tax. The prices submitted in the data feed must be shown

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Why you need Product Ratings in Google Shopping.

Written by Fergus on April 3, 2015

The current Google website review rating system


You may have noticed the business reviews and ratings in Google search results before.

It is where websites and businesses are reviewed by visitors, users and customers online with the respective ratings displayed as a series of gold stars, with the ability to click and view all of the good (and bad) reviews for that particular business.

This powerful consumer confidence feature is now being rolled out across more of the Google Product network. Its

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“Mobilegeddon” is coming for your website!

Written by Fergus on March 23, 2015

Google announces date for mobile friendly algorithm update – 21st April 2015.


Mark the date in your calendar. The countdown has begun!

Google recently announced that from the 21st April 2015 they will “be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

Google doesn’t often use words like “significant” in its announcements, so this one has caught the Internet’s collective eyes

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8 basic rules of writing to sell.

Written by teclan Ltd on March 20, 2015


Copywriting is the act of writing text for advertising or marketing purposes, the copy being written in such a way as to persuade someone to buy a product, or to influence them.

While the advent of the Internet has expanded the range of copywriting requirements to include web content, adverts, emails, blogs, social media and other forms of electronic communication, the basic rules of copywriting haven’t changed. But writing for the web is quite different from writing for other media; the

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Do people realy notise bad speling?

Written by teclan Ltd on March 9, 2015

They sure do. We originally ran a version of this Blog in 2010, but things don’t seem to have gotten any better.

The common belief is that a few spelling errors or typos on a website are to be expected. But why should that be, with the many spell-check programmes freely available? And does it really matter?

Spelling should be accurate no matter what. There is no excuse for poor spelling, which on a website can negatively affect that company’s image.

Poor grammar

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Why your website will rank poorly in Google’s mobile search!

Written by Fergus on February 3, 2015

Google Mobile Usability warnings


Before we commence with any dire warnings and start scaring you about imminent Google ranking disasters let us first discuss some facts.

A recent ComCore report shows that around 60% of all web traffic is from mobile devices.

We have passed the tipping point now. Mobile traffic is now greater in volume than desktop traffic.

Google launched a “mobile friendly” label for websites in Nov 2014.

When searching on mobiles, browsers will now be able to differentiate between responsive and

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A Merry Christmas for online retailers.

Written by teclan Ltd on January 19, 2015


Christmas is well and truly over. The presents have been opened (and some returned), mince pies are all gone and the tree is back in the loft. That’s the home scenario, but was it a happy Christmas for online business?

Shoppers in the UK used their mobiles to hit the 2014 Christmas sales from the comfort of their own settees. According to its Christmas trading figures, John Lewis saw clearance sales on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day up 19% over last

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