Are you making the most of available digital marketing channels?

Written by Fergus Weir on September 16, 2014

Digital Marketing channels

So, does your online business do the following?

Email marketing, Google Adwords, Bing Adwords, Google Shopping, Google remarketing, Facebook advertising, Facebook posts, Twitter updates, Pinterest boards, Polyvore sets, Sitemaps, SEO, link building, content marketing, blog writing, mobile/responsive designs, page speed optimisation, disavow bad link checking, competitor analysis, press releases, Amazon/eBay selling, e-commerce conversion rates etc?

Do you know which of the above is the most effective for your business?

Have you the time or drive to become an expert in

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Google Shopping Shipping Changes

Written by Richard Carson on September 11, 2014

As I’ve mentioned in some of my recent blogs, Google likes to tinker with things, and in the past couple of weeks both the Google Merchant Centre and the Google Adwords interface have seen some cosmetic changes.

Dig a bit deeper and you will see that the Merchant Centre now has far more advanced shipping features which can enable you to do the following:

– More Shipping Methods – There are more default shipping methods and customable options, which means that regardless

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6 Google tips to help your business

Written by Richard Carson on August 18, 2014

At teclan, for a number of years we’ve been involved in helping hundreds of businesses achieve their goals through digital marketing and there has always been one constant: change!

A regular marketing effort is essential if for no other reason than to keep up with the pace of change online – you cannot afford to sit still.

We cannot get away from the impact Google has on us all but if you are proactive and stay on top of these changes you can continue

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Update on Google’s Dangerous Products & Services Policy

Written by Richard Carson on July 18, 2014

Throughout this week we have covered the various changes that are happening to Google’s Shopping feeds and Adword policies.

The policy change on Dangerous Products and Services has caused much outrage online amongst those that will be affected. In some extreme cases, businesses such as those in the paintball industry fear the worst for the future if denied the ability to advertise on Google.

As teclan have digital marketing clients that may be subject to these changes, we have discussed with Google

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Google Shopping Feed Specification Update

Written by Richard Carson on July 14, 2014

On September the 30th 2014, Google will be enforcing the recently announced changes to the Google Shopping Specifications.

We have put together the headline changes below:

Custom Bundles – A new ‘is bundle’ attribute, so you can identify products you wish to present as a bundle or kit. For example: a camera with a lens and a bag.
Availability Changes – “Available to order” is now being merged with “In stock”. In addition, there is a new “Availability date” attribute that you can

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Product Listing Ads will soon be no more!

Written by Richard Carson on July 14, 2014

As of the 31st of August, Google’s old style Product Listing ads will no longer run so time is running out for you to migrate over to the new Google Shopping campaign platform.

For those of you that do not already know, product listing ads have been replaced with Shopping Campaigns; the new way to display your products in Google’s search results via your Google shopping  feed.

Shopping Campaigns provide a far more flexible and targeted way of promoting your products, highlight

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Google Remarketing – getting more sales from your website visitors

Written by Fergus Weir on April 22, 2014

OK – so your website is looking great. It’s responsive for all devices, it’s got great product images and is well optimised for search engines and customers alike.

A customer arrives, has a plod through your products and pages, and for some unfathomable, frustrating reason they simply do not click and buy right there and then! How dare they!

They wander on their merry way to the next website that grabs their span-shortened attention. You’ve lost them for ever……
Or have you?

All is

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Search Engine Results and E-Commerce: is the dream coming to a end?

Written by Fergus Weir on April 16, 2014

Having worked at the sharp end of developing e-commerce practices for over 15 years, I have witnessed the changing relationship Google, Bing, Yahoo et al have had with businesses trying to make a living selling goods online.

Here’s a short tale giving some insight into what has happened, and more importantly, where things are going next!

A little history: first there was the honeymoon period, where any website had a chance to rise to the top of the organic rankings (there was

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Windows XP support comes to an end.

Written by Fergus Weir on April 10, 2014

If you are using Windows XP then, as of 8th April 2014, your computer will no longer be protected and security patched by Microsoft


Microsoft has ended the support and updates for its once flagship product.

With the continued developments of the Windows 8 platform, coupled with the recent news that Microsoft is releasing its operating system to mobile phone manufacturers for free, the company decided that it can no longer continue to support and patch up its 12 year old operating

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