SSL certificates are mandatory for Google Adwords, Google Shopping & Google Remarketing

Written by Fergus on December 16, 2014

Regular followers of teclan’s blog posts over the years will have previously noted our recommendation back in 2012 that Google required your checkout pages to be encrypted by an SSL certificate (golden padlock).

Well the non-SSL website pigeons are now coming home to roost.

We have now seen Google starting to enforce this policy by forcibly removing shopping feeds, adword product listings and merchant centre validation for websites not implementing an SSL within the checkout stages.

Snippet of Google’s policy

Payment and transaction processing,

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Does your business have your customers’ trust?

Written by Fergus on November 25, 2014

Why customer reviews and testimonials are so important.

Do you ask your customers for their feedback? Do you get in touch and ask their opinion on your products and services? Do you make it easy for them to give you this valuable information?

The best form of advertising is word of mouth!

Why? Three main reasons:

You must listen to your customers’ feedback (good and bad) in order to improve what you do and how you do it.
Your future customers and clients value and

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teclan ltd – A Living Wage Employer

Written by Fergus on November 13, 2014

On 1st November 2014 teclan ltd become the first business in Inverness, and the first digital company in the Highlands of Scotland to become an accredited Living Wage Employer.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, based on the cost of living in the UK. The Living Wage campaign has been running for ten years and has lifted over 45,000 people out of poverty.

An independent study of the business benefits of implementing a Living Wage policy

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Google Trends – how “Big Data” can help your business grow

Written by Fergus on November 3, 2014

What is Big Data?

A term that is being bandied about more frequently online these days is “Big Data.”

Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing applications.

Whilst more and more information is being gathered and collated, how can the average small, medium or large business capitalise on this data? How can it be used to grow your business?

Google has released a new range

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The Disavow Tool from Google – does it really work?

Written by Prachi on October 17, 2014

Google penalises websites that violate their Google Webmaster Policies. In other words, it does not like sites that have no content, duplicate content or thin content (Panda Updates) and the sites that previously used spam techniques for link building purposes (Penguin Updates). If you have used these methods, it is likely you will see your ranking being affected but Google has taken these steps to provide its users with quality results to ensure user satisfaction.

So what happens

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Creating email campaigns your customers will want to open.

Written by John Rigby on October 14, 2014

So you’ve created your first marketing email, it’s filled with compelling content, great offers and creative calls to action, but when you look at your open rates you are left disappointed. Creating email campaigns that your customers will want to open requires thought. There are a number of factors that you should consider when creating email campaigns your customers will definitely open:

Get your email into the right inboxes…

Rather than sending a generic email out to everyone on your contact list,

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Microdata for Google Shopping

Written by Richard on October 9, 2014

As someone that has worked using Google Shopping for many years, for me, this is possibly the best change yet and a step in the right direction for a process that has caused much frustration in the past.

Keeping a feed updated can be challenging, especially if you are running a website with thousands of products.

Microdata  can perform automatic updates to your feed by taking information directly from your website updating price and availability. This means accurate information, less chance for

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