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Aero Changelog 0.35.2 28/06/24

This month has mainly seen many bug fixes and patches added to the platform but a few new additional features have managed to sneak in which could easily be missed if you are not looking for them. Read on to find out more.

Aero Commerce Core updated to Version 0.35.2

Categories and Manufactures now have listing rules allowing granular control over what products will show under that page. you can set multiple rules to chose from such as products that have a certain tag, if they belong to a particular category or manufacturer or if they are in a price list.

You can also have a rule so that the products shown are within a set price range or if they have been published within a chosen date range. 

Aero Listing Page Rules

Product Types – Setting Definitions

Last month we highlighted the new Product Types feature that allows you to build templates for similar products across the site. Now this has extended to Categories and Manufacturers as well allowing site admins to create custom fields and settings that can apply chosen categories and manufacturers across the site.

In addition a sort order option has also been added to allow the order these appear in to be set.

Aero Setting Definitions

WYSIWYG editors now show word and character counts

Aero WYSIWYG word count

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Other Updates and Changes for core and Admin

Below are some other changes to note for the core admin module.

New Additions-

  • [Added] Ability for categories & manufacturers to have listing rules
  • [Added] Sorting for setting definitions
  • [Added] Setting definitions to categories & manufacturers
  • [Added] Ability for categories & manufacturers to have listing rules
  • [Added] Sorting for setting definitions
  • [Added] Permissions for editing or deleting a page, category, or product
  • [Added] Word & character counter to WYSIWYG editor
  • [Added] Zones to other admin address forms
  • [Added] Setting definitions to categories & manufacturers


  • [Updated] Allow blank values when defining what values are allowed in a text setting definition
  • [Updated] The payment capture form on the order details page will pre-fill with the uncaptured total

Fixes –

  • [Fixed] Product count on categories page
  • [Fixed] MOTO only shipping methods
  • [Fixed] Searchable select issue for attributes on product page
  • [Fixed] Hiding colon for order item options with no values
  • [Fixed] Product picker pricing display for products
  • [Fixed] Product picker bug when a parent product shares the same ID as one of its variants
  • [Fixed] New order page old data

Other Noteworthy Module Updates

aerocargo/csv – Version 1.2.3: bug fixes for prices and text that contain dashes

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