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Castors online - Web Development by teclan

Castors Online has been a family run business since 1975 specialising in wheels and castors for both institutional and domestic use.


After using the SellerDeck desktop software for managing online sales for many years it was time to upgrade to a more convenient, fast and fully cloud-based platform. This would require a whole new website and the migration of products and site content from the existing site to the new site.


teclan has over 20 years of experience with eCommerce platforms such as SellerDeck and well-established solutions such as WooCommerce and Magento but also up and coming solutions based on the latest technologies such as Aero Commerce. teclan is well-positioned to provide guidance on possible options as well as demonstrations on these platforms. Aero Commerce was the ideal choice, with its cutting edge features and page speed scores of 100/100 on both desktop and mobile we know that this would benefit the client for years to come.


Castors Online fell in love with the speed and ease of use given by Aero Commerce. teclan built the new website and using tools developed in house were able to migrate the products and site content from the SellerDeck website to the new Aero Commerce platform. The new Aero website now generates more than double the revenue compared to the old SellerDeck site. In the first two weeks of going live conversions increased by 112%.

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Client Testimonial

P&L Industrial Equipment Ltd are The National Market Leader online offering the most comprehensive Range of Industrial Wheel & Castors to the Manufacturing Industry, MOD, TV Film & Theatre, Medical & NHS, Automotive & Domestic Clients. We have operated our previous online platform powered by Seller Deck for many years with support from our E-commerce Partners Teclan. Being very hands on in our Web based business I had discussed our strategic direction with Teclan and our desire to move to a cloud based platform. Teclan made the suggestion that after looking at the mainstream platforms we should take a look at the relatively new AERO platform and provided a test area. The results of the speed of page delivery was truly stunning, the functionality superb and the overall look of the new site passed our expectation many fold. Our customer experience vastly improved resulting in a much higher revenue and returning customer rate off the scale!. Making changes is immediate simple and can be done from all devices. Please feel free to visit us at www.castors-online.co.uk or contact me more directly at russ@plcastors.co.uk

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