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Our Experts Answer Common Cyber Security & Hosting Questions

So, you’ve got your business up and running successfully, and you’re ready to take the internet by storm. But have you prepared your website to be protected against cyber-attacks? Sometimes as business owners, technical website elements can slip past the radar. At teclan, we ensure that your website is protected and prepared — whether you’re building an entirely new site or looking to migrate an existing website, we work hard to ensure your site is as secure as possible.

If you’ve never encountered web hosting or cyber security in the past, you’ll likely have questions about what it all entails. From SSL certificates to the benefits of security software, our experts answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is website hosting?

In short, web hosting is the basic infrastructure that enables a website to be on the internet. The web host (usually digital companies) sells or leases space within a server that stores the files necessary for the consumer’s website to be accessible on the internet. Generally, web hosts will need to make sure you own a domain (the website address), and if you don’t own one, will often help you purchase one. With internet users expecting quick loading speeds, it is almost essential that your website is hosted on a fast server with speedy hardware. This ensures the best chance of a website to be delivered quickly to a user’s web browser.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is now as important as hosting, web design, and domain management. It is essential for the safety and security of your online business. The core function of cyber security is to protect websites, systems, programs, and networks from any potential digital attack. Typically, these attacks try to access, destroy or steal sensitive information such as passwords or bank account details. Attackers often have the motive to extort money. It is therefore extremely important that businesses and websites are protected.

Why is cyber security important?

In the offline world, many venues tend to be protected from threats, thefts, and attacks with the use of security guards or CCTV. As we spend almost as much time online as offline these days, it is important that protection translates to any business we conduct on the internet. On a personal level, a cyber-attack may lead to the loss of important data, identity theft, or financial fraud. At a business level, the damage is potentially much worse due to the employee and customer data stored within your network, so it is essential the online business space is protected with cyber security measures.

Is my site secure with just an SSL certificate?

Not completely, no. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate ensures that the traffic between your website and the user is encrypted so that anyone snooping on this traffic is prevented from seeing any sensitive data being passed on (such as usernames and passwords). This does not protect your site from malware or any other form of attack. It is therefore recommended that additional established cyber-security measures are put in place. Do your research and you’ll be able to find a cyber security package that has all of the measures in place for your business.

Won’t security software slow down my website?

Often, we’re told that website speed can be negatively impacted by unnecessary software. However, cyber-security software should be considered essential. In fact, security software can improve the speed and performance of your website. Many web application firewalls (WAF) include a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which delivers larger files such as images and JavaScript to the end-user more efficiently by serving them up via a cache on the nearest server to them.

Web hosting and cyber security can seem a bit intimidating, especially if it’s an area you’ve previously never encountered. At teclan, our experts take the worry out of managing your website’s hosting by providing a dedicated network of fast servers with quick hardware, housed within a speedy data-centre resident on a T1 fast network. Our cyber security packages provide complete reassurance to you and your customers that online data is protected. Contact us to find out how we can get your website up and running with the best possible protection.

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