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The Cost of a New Website: The Importance of Disclosing Your Budget

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So, you’ve set your sights on a fresh website design for your business and are keen to get an idea of the associated costs. We get it; not everyone is well-versed in setting a web design budget, and some clients may be hesitant to reveal this crucial information to a web design agency.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits (and potential setbacks) of having a clear web budget, both for the agency and the client.

"How Much Will My New Website Cost?"

At teclan, we steer clear of one-size-fits-all template websites and fixed prices. When clients approach us with the classic question, “How much for a website?” it becomes challenging to provide a satisfying answer without some context. We recognise that some clients are new to the website-building process, and we understand the need for clarity.

Many businesses cast a wide net, seeking quotes from various agencies to gauge a ballpark figure. While this approach is understandable, clients must provide sufficient information to support this process. Most reputable web design agencies, including us, require a project brief to offer an accurate quotation.

What is a Web Design Project Brief?

To obtain an accurate estimate for your new website, it’s recommended that you provide a project overview when reaching out to an agency. Don’t waste time by sending generic enquiries without project details, as professional agencies often require a project brief before putting together any sort of proposal. When first reaching out, a project brief can range from informal bullet points within an online submission form, to a more comprehensive formal document.

Key components we’d recommend including in your website project brief include:

  • Overview of your business
  • Pros and cons of your current website
  • A list of competitors (up to five)
  • Objectives for the new website — what do you want to achieve?
  • Specific web features needed and/or wanted
  • Examples of websites you like and reasons why
  • Project deadline (if any)
  • Project budget

While you may not be able to answer every point, more information benefits both you and the agency, ensuring a response tailored to your needs and avoiding nasty budget surprises down the line.

How To Determine a Website Budget

If you’re new to website projects or business, determining a budget might be challenging. The cost of a website varies based on features and functions. Agencies can provide estimates for template-based sites, but custom solutions require more detailed budgeting.


  • Your wider marketing budget allocation
  • Affordability
  • Importance of the website to your business as a whole
  • eCommerce considerations: how many products will you need to sell to ensure a return on investment?

Why Share Your Budget With a Web Design Agency?

Sharing your budget upfront streamlines the initial stages for both you and the agency. Without a budget, agencies might invest time in crafting a detailed proposal that later proves unfeasible for the client. By providing a budget along with a project brief, the agency can quickly determine if your expectations align with the proposed budget, avoiding wasted time for both parties.

When providing teclan with a budget, you can expect one of two responses:

  1. This sounds feasible and we’d love to work with you. We’ll provide a ballpark figure based on your brief to ensure affordability, before having a full scoping conversation to determine a proposal with a price for you to review based on your goals.
  2. Unfortunately, this budget is unrealistic for what you’re hoping to achieve. We’d suggest a budget of £X amount for that kind of work. We’d still love to work with you and with what you’ve got to play with, this is what we would suggest instead…

This puts you as a client in a much better situation moving forward either way.

How to Ensure You Won't Get Ripped Off When Providing Your Web Design Budget

Concerned about agencies taking advantage? Reputable agencies with a strong portfolio and positive testimonials will offer honest advice. They may suggest other ways to optimise your budget, such as additional services like SEO or technical enhancements that improve user experience and business efficiency.

You've Confirmed Your Budget - Ready To Start Your Project?

At teclan, we’re dedicated to helping businesses to achieve their goals online. Our team of skilled web designers boasts extensive expertise in crafting responsive websites across various platforms — ensuring they are not only swift and dependable but also captivating. If you have a prepared budget and specific project goals, take a moment to explore our portfolio and discover our array of digital services.

If our work aligns with your vision, head over to our contact form, fill in the details discussed above, and we’ll provide a tailored response to kickstart your project.

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