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What Impact Will AI Have on Digital Marketing In 2024?

Image of a hand pointing at computerised symbols with 'AI' in the middle

Since the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022, the business world has been abuzz with speculation about how artificial intelligence (AI) will reshape the digital marketing industry.  

Scary questions arise: Will sought-after roles like developers or copywriters be replaced? Can AI become so proficient that we won’t need a support team for live chat or emails? Is it possible to automate tasks like writing blog posts, creating images, building sales pages, and generating content entirely on autopilot?

After testing various AI applications over the past year, the teclan team knows that AI has already revolutionised marketing by streamlining processes, and this doesn’t look set to stop in the future. However, what we’ve also found, is that AI alone is not enough.

What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field within computer science that strives to develop machines capable of performing tasks that typically demand human intelligence. However, the effectiveness of AI hinges on providing the right data and guidance through a process called “prompting.”

Prompting involves supplying the AI algorithm with appropriate data and guidance for precise predictions or decisions. For instance, when training an AI model to identify football boots, providing a substantial dataset specifically comprising only images of football boots enhances its performance compared to a mixed dataset. Similarly, in marketing, the optimal performance of an AI model is achieved by furnishing it with precise data about the target audience, encompassing their pain points, preferences, and behaviours.

Without detailed and specific prompting, AI may create substandard copy incapable of converting the desired audience. Therefore, even with AI advancements like ChatGPT, human prompting remains crucial. Mastery of this skill is vital for marketers to make the most of AI’s capabilities as businesses need to know exactly what kind of data to present AI for the best outcome.

The Role of AI in Digital Marketing

In the marketing world, understanding the target audience is paramount. AI can contribute valuable insights, yet it cannot replace human comprehension of the audience. Combining AI’s power with human expertise is key to crafting effective campaigns. Marketers who merge deep industry knowledge with AI possibilities are poised to create highly successful campaigns with increased efficiency, outpacing their counterparts.

Platforms such as Google Ads use intelligent learning to best optimise your ads on their advertising network. They leverage accumulated data to ensure that ads are strategically placed, reaching the right audience at the right time. The likes of Performance Max campaigns have proven to be successful for a number of clients, as the copy written by us as marketers, is tested by Google over time so that the ads which resonate, and ultimately convert, are the ones which are shown most often. From there, marketers are able to refine and expand on marketing efforts.

Nevertheless, the human oversight and management of these ads is crucial. This is because, in certain instances, it has been evident these platforms utilise AI primarily for their benefit. Without human optimisation and management, Google’s AI capabilities may inadvertently lead businesses to exhaust their daily budget, as Google seeks to maximise revenue without considering the financial constraints of the business.

How Can Your Business Leverage AI?

Businesses are increasingly recognising the potential of AI to drive success. From chatbots that redefine customer interactions with instantaneous and efficient support to predictive algorithms optimising ad targeting for heightened marketing precision, the role of AI is transformative. Moreover, machine learning elevates content recommendations to a new level, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. The expansive possibilities offered by AI, spanning various facets of business operations, underscore the strategic imperative for organisations to comprehend and effectively leverage this technology.

Understanding how to strategically integrate and harness AI becomes a linchpin for sustained growth. Businesses can capitalise on AI’s capabilities not only in customer service but also in data analytics, where AI algorithms provide actionable insights and predictive analytics for informed decision-making. The personalisation of customer experiences reaches new heights through AI-driven tailoring of recommendations based on individual preferences and behaviours. In the realm of marketing, automation, and human resources, AI optimises workflows, refines strategies, and streamlines operations, contributing to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Ecommerce thrives on AI’s personalised product recommendations and dynamic pricing strategies, creating a tailored shopping experience for customers. The ongoing commitment to monitoring and adapting AI systems ensures seamless evolution, aligning these technological advancements with business objectives for a future where the synergy of human expertise and AI innovation propels businesses toward unparalleled success in the competitive market landscape.

The Human Element

While AI brings unparalleled advantages, it’s crucial to acknowledge the irreplaceable role of human creativity in marketing. Professional marketers infuse campaigns with a nuanced understanding of human emotions, cultural nuances, and trends. AI may augment processes, but it cannot replace the intuitive, imaginative touch that skilled marketers provide.

Unlike AI, individuals can undergo training and certification for various qualifications. At teclan, we hold the distinction of being Google Partners, ensuring that our team is certified and equipped with the latest knowledge on the performance of essential advertising platforms. Humans are the recipients of marketing qualifications, providing them with real-time knowledge of the industry.

Image of a human talking to an AI robot.

Moreover, the pulse of trends, be they in fashion, technology, or societal shifts, is something that AI, as powerful as it is, may struggle to capture with the same finesse as human marketers. Think reactive marketing. When a new meme is trending, or a huge pop culture moment sparks inspiration for a marketing idea, AI can’t always recognise this in time. It is we, as humans, who engage with and relate to these conversations.

Human creativity has an adaptive quality that enables it to embrace emerging trends and infuse campaigns with a fresh and dynamic perspective.

Encounter Success With AI-Powered Digital Marketing

As we navigate 2024, the connection between AI and human expertise will define the future of digital marketing. AI’s ability to reduce mundane tasks opens avenues for marketers to elevate their craft, focusing on innovation and strategy. It also allows business owners to invest their time on other important aspects of their company.

In the face of inevitable changes, the pivotal role of high-level skills and creativity in driving marketing success remains unwavering. At teclan, we’ve embarked on a new era in digital marketing, introducing cutting-edge AI-powered advertising services. Our commitment remains steadfast: propelling growth for businesses of all sizes. What sets us apart now is the seamless integration of artificial intelligence to amplify your results.

Should our approach align with your vision or if you’re keen on delving deeper into the realm of AI in the marketplace, do reach out to us. Our team of friendly experts is eager to assist and provide insights tailored to your needs.

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