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Are you getting clicks, but no conversions?

Tips on how to improve conversion rates and convert more website traffic into website sales.

teclan has been helping online merchants achieve sales, growth and measurable results for over 20 years. Working across multiple platforms and a variety of sectors, our expertise has yielded some amazing results, and we’d like to share some of those secrets with you!

Getting the right traffic

Do 1 million visitors to your website sound like success, right? Better than 10,000 visitors, surely? Well, not always. It depends on your conversion rate.

E.g. 0.001% conversion rate vs 10% conversion rate

Getting the right traffic to your website is often much more important than getting any traffic, which we do using specific keywords to target relevant users.  Narrowing down the keywords within your campaign can both reduce costs and increase your conversions.

Landing page. Landing page. Landing page.

It’s all about that landing page. Get it right, and your visitors will sub-consciously thank you and reward you with more conversions. Get it wrong and they will leave your site faster than you can type “rubbish site!”

Some key points for all landing pages:

  • Keep it simple, the page should be without distractions and easy for the user to navigate.
  • Relevant!  Your landing page needs to be relevant to your keywords and the product/service you are selling.
  • Add trust factors.  Awards, reviews and testimonials are all great examples of factors that can help to gain users’ trust in your website.

Call to action

Give your visitors every opportunity to convert, as easily as possible. Whether that be filling out a simple form to get in touch, picking up the phone or even adding one of your products or services to the cart. However, it is important to make sure your call to action is visible without disrupting the user whilst reading through the web page.

Feedback loop

Test. Test. Test.
The only true way to ensure that all your hard work is paying off is to measure the results. By measuring, comparing, amending and measuring again you can begin to refine the changes required on your website to get the best possible conversions.

teclan’s expertise

teclan have been helping online merchants and businesses gain more success from their existing traffic volumes for many years. Our team are Google and Bing accredited and are always very happy to offer advice or services to help your business achieve the success it deserves.

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