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Branding foundations: building a consistent brand that sells

About this event

Are you losing out to the competition, or seeing a drop in sales? Your brand could be to blame… In this half-day workshop, complete with hands-on practical collaborative tasks, we will cover the basics of colour, visuals, typography, values, and core messaging (templates included) that you can use to build (or improve on) your own set of brand guidelines.

The benefit of having brand design guidelines is that they help you present a unified vision of your business. In this lesson, created by teclan Marketing Director Hollie Ivy, you’ll learn how to create and use a brand style guide to create your designs within the larger context of your business. You’ll also learn how to think about and create goals for your design based on where you’ll publish it, whether it’s on your blog, on social media, or elsewhere.

Who is this course for?

While brands are often developed in a number of ways, this workshop is designed to extract ideas, opinions, and creative expression from leadership teams and business owners to entrench them in the brand-building process and help them identify, refresh, or simply better connect with their own brands.

1.00pm Teas/Coffees

1.15pm Introductions, Aims and Objectives

1.30pm Identifying the brand

a. Establishing your brand purpose

b. Establishing your brand vision and mission

c. Establishing your brand values

d. Establishing your brand personality

e. Positioning your brand

3.00pm Break for teas/coffees/etc

3.15pm Brand messing

a. Finding your tone of voice

b. Straplines and key messages

3. The visual language

a. Colours

b. Typography

c. Brand assets

d. Logo design

e. Imagery

4.45pm Q&A

5.00pm Close

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