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Boost Your Business Reach with Our Exclusive Google Display Advertising Offer!

A Premium Service for just £150!

Revamp your advertising strategy, reach your target audience like never before, and accelerate your business growth with teclan’s exclusive Google Display Advertising Offer!

Special limited-time offer of £150 (ex VAT), a steep discount from our normal price of £450 (ex VAT)!

Understanding Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads can be your game-changer. It’s an advertising service by Google that allows your business to place advertisements on millions of news pages, blogs, and Google websites like Gmail and YouTube. These ads reach over 90% of internet users worldwide! With Google Display Ads, you can engage audiences with appealing ad formats, whether they’re browsing their favourite websites, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile devices and apps.

What are the Benefits of Google Display Ads?


Incredible Reach

Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide. Your ads can appear on any website that your customers visit.


Targeted Advertising

With Google Display Ads, you can target specific demographics, websites, and even consumer interests. This makes sure your ads are seen by the audience most likely to be interested in your products or services.



Google Display Ads can be a very cost-effective method of advertising. You can set your budget and only pay when people click your ads.


Brand Awareness

Display ads are perfect for driving awareness of your brand, as they are typically positioned where they are easily seen on websites, apps, and other digital platforms.


Visual Engagement

Unlike text-based ads, Display Ads catch the eye of your target audience with visual elements. They can be customised with images, video, or rich media to make them stand out.

Your Benefits

The advantages of using teclan to manage your Google display advertising

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How do we do it?


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Reach out to teclan with your business details and requirements.


Account Setup

We assist you in creating your Google account and advertising setup.


Start Campaign

Begin your campaign with a controlled ad spend that suits your budget.


Monitor & Optimise

Receive regular email updates and collaborate with your dedicated account manager for the best results.

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    Client Testimonials

    Simpsons Garden Centre
    Read More
    The team at teclan have been and continue to be a great support to us through their technical advice and google ad/GA4 implementation. Any queries are always answered promptly, clearly and professionally. We would recommend them to any persons/businesses looking for support in their digital platforms.
    Brodie Countryfare
    Anna Taylor
    Read More
    “ It was a pleasure to work with teclan during the build and design process of our new website and the team involved were hugely knowledgeable and their expertise was invaluable. From the outset teclan made the transition easy and the process ran smoothly. Since completing the build and design of our website we have continued our relationship with the teclan team and we now work with them for technical support, SEO and digital marketing on an ongoing basis. As a result not only have we seen continual growth over the past 12 months but we have found working with the support team, with their expertise, personal service and positive attitude, a very positive experience.

    I would highly recommend teclan for any ongoing digital strategy, design, development and maintenance needs.” 
    Dickson's Of Inverness
    Jim Mackenzie
    Read More
    “Here at Dicksons of Inverness we have been working with the team at teclan for the last several years and have increased our digital traffic significantly. Needless to say that this has also increased our footfall at the dealerships and in turn ensured that our bottom line profit has benefited. It is refreshing to work with a compact team of people who really take time to listen and understand what their client is after. I highly recommend them to any business that wants to be at the cutting edge digitally, leaving time to concentrate on the other areas that a business demands. A huge weight off my shoulders knowing that teclan are maximising my online spend.”
    Castors Online
    Russ Jones
    Read More
    "P&L Industrial Equipment Ltd are The National Market Leader online offering the most comprehensive Range of Industrial Wheel & Castors to the Manufacturing Industry, MOD, TV Film & Theatre, Medical & NHS, Automotive & Domestic Clients. We have operated our previous online platform powered by Sellerdeck for many years with support from our ecommerce Partners teclan. Being very hands-on in our Web based business I had discussed our strategic direction with teclan and our desire to move to a cloud-based platform. teclan made the suggestion that after looking at the mainstream platforms we should take a look at the relatively new AERO platform and provided a test area. The results of the speed of page delivery was truly stunning, the functionality superb and the overall look of the new site passed our expectation many fold. Our customer experience vastly improved resulting in a much higher revenue and returning customer rate off the scale! Making changes is immediate and simple and can be done from all devices."
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