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Public Relations (PR)

In today’s interconnected, ever-changing world, customers have high expectations from the brands they value, meaning trying to keep your finger on the pulse can be a challenge for businesses. That’s where teclan comes in.

PR is the art/science of creating and maintaining a professional, favourable, and positive image with the public/target audience. Our press connections and expertise in crafting and maintaining a positive image, desirable media/social media exposure, and/or mitigating reputation damage make us a great fit for redefining your media presence online.

We develop stories and conversations that speak to the right audience, keeping you meaningful in new and interesting ways. Our media and influencer network, combined with engaging content that elevates your core messages and establishes you as a thought leader, keeps you in high esteem with your target customers in a highly competitive market.

We know how to drive relevance today that’s sustainable in the future.

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How do we do it?

While there are many ways of developing a PR process, we have found the RACE process to be most effective as a more in-depth and evaluative system as outlined below:




Action & Planning


Communication & Relationship Building



Your Benefits

The advantages of using teclan to create and manage your PR stategy.

Increase Brand Credability

A good PR campaign gives a lot more credibility to your business as the content is more authentic and informative.

Attract The Right Audience

A well-written article on your recent charitable activities or a new product allows for a much easier way to attract and retain your key demographic compared to an advertisement in the same publication.

Provide Added Value

PR offers a unique touch point that adds more value to your products or services and puts you in the spotlight over your competitors. It can also increase visibility, personalise your brand, raise your profile, build stronger relationships, and manage your reputation.

Lead Generation

Media placements through PR are a long-term way to get your brand in front of a large number of leads.

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