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Facebook’s new privacy focused initiative and changes to algorithm

Facebook have made it clear that in 2020 their focus will be transparency for users. To do this, they have started implementing strategies which allow users more control over what they see in their newsfeed, and Facebook have collected data by surveying users in order to gather opinions. They have even enabled a button to click so users can understand why a certain post is showing up in their newsfeed.

To keep this promise of transparency, Facebook have been rolling out a prompt for users to review their privacy settings. This prompt will appear in the newsfeed of almost two billion people, directing them to the Privacy Checkup tool, making it easier to adjust who can see posts and profile information.

Additionally, users will be able to access the new ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ tool which allows people to access the data Facebook has obtained about their activity on other sites. From there, users will be able to clear this information from their account.

Further to their new privacy focused initiatives, Facebook has stated that their intention is to also help users understand their algorithm, and as such, Facebook is taking control of ranking signals.

So, what are ranking signals?

Simply, they are factors determining the order in which users see posts appear in their Facebook newsfeeds. The three major categories of ranking signals are:

  1. Who a user typically interacts with
  2. The media type included in the post (e.g. Gif, photo, video)
  3. The post’s popularity

What do these changes mean for Facebook marketing?

Firstly, companies should be aware of the importance of an engaging organic post. One of the key ranking signals in place is whether someone has previously engaged with your page. To ensure consistent engagement, Facebook posts should encourage users to interact with your content. From there, posts are more likely to be seen first.

Additionally, it is important to post when audiences are online. Recency is another ranking signal within the algorithm so the newer the post, the more likely it is to appear in a feed. To complement engaging posts, it is recommended that posts are uploaded often and consistently. According to Facebook, pages with frequent posts are more likely to be meaningful to their audiences.

So, what do teclan think?

Clearly, transparency is important across all aspects of Social Media and marketing, so it is no surprise that Facebook has implemented focus on this.

Regarding Social Media marketing, you may be worrying that audiences will no longer see your content due to these changes. However, these changes allow for highly targeted marketing because those who see the posts are much more likely to be interested in them and so may help to direct quality traffic to your business. If you have fears regarding the ranking of organic posts then there is always the option of supporting these with paid Ads.

With that being said, it will be interesting to see the changes Facebook makes throughout 2020 and beyond as the Social Media age develops and users continue to seek (and demand) privacy.

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