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Google’s new look for Paid & Organic Search results on your desktop

If you’ve been using Google on your desktop recently, you may have noticed a few changes to the way in which your search results are displayed. On 13th January Google introduced an updated look for paid and organic search results. This change was made to ensure consistency across multiple devices, as Google had already implemented the new look on mobiles last year.

So, what’s new? Paid ad results now have a bolded ‘Ad’ label in black text above the site heading, alongside the site URL. Formerly, this ‘Ad’ was written in green text inside a green box.

The new look is very similar to that of new organic search display as the URL has been changed from green to black. Additionally, like paid ads, the URL appears above the title page.

Say hello to favicons

But, perhaps the most prominent change for organic search results is the introduction of favicons. Favicons, or brand icons, will appear next to the organic result. Google has stated that this allows website branding to be ‘front and centre’ and enables users to “better understand where the information is coming from and which pages have what you’re looking for.”

However, feedback has indicated that users are now finding it harder to distinguish between adverts and organic results.

Due to this feedback, Google has announced it will continue to experiment with the new look. This means that they are changing where favicons may be placed to determine what best suits a modern Google desktop feed. Of course, these changes will benefit Google in terms of advertising as it is likely due to audience ‘banner blindness’ that there will be a higher click-through rate on paid ads.

However, it is also a benefit for businesses as it will direct more traffic to websites. teclan will take advantage of these changes as they roll out and continue to strive to achieve quality traffic for our clients, decreasing their costs while increasing their revenue.

teclan are long-time Google Partners and provide a wide range of Digital Marketing channels and services. Contact us today on 01463 898043 to discuss which digital channels would work best for you and how we can grow your online business.

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