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Reach Your Customers With Responsive Search Ads

Ever since the introduction of online Search Engines (I’m looking at you Yahoo and Ask Jeeves), the methods in which people browse for information has been constantly changing course. This changing pattern has only been accelerated by COVID-19, with the number of certain Google searches, such as ‘takeout restaurants’, increasing by over 5,000%. It is important for businesses to take into account online consumer behavioural changes.

The Solution? Responsive Search Ads.

Responsive Search Ads are adverts created by you (or us!), adapting to show more relevant information to your audience. When creating these ads, multiple headlines and descriptions are entered so that over time Google can test and learn which combinations perform best for your business. Machine learning identifies the headlines and descriptions which will deliver your advert to the right person.

There are a number of benefits that come from the use of Responsive Search Ads for your business. These include:

Flexibility to create ads that change depending on the device on which they appear. This allows more room to share your message with your audience.

Efficiency that enables you to focus on other important elements of your business. By providing multiple headlines and descriptions at once when creating ads, Google is able to show those most relevant to your potential customers meaning they are more likely to click and convert without you having to continuously edit ad content.

Adaptability as headlines and descriptions can be tailored to match your audience’s favourite locations.

Reach a wider audience as multiple headlines and descriptions affords the opportunity to compete in more auctions and match more search queries.

Google provides ad strength feedback and ideas while creating a Responsive Search Ad.
Google has certainly picked up on these benefits and growing results as Responsive Search Ads are now the default ad type when creating search ads.

While Extended Text Ads continue to be an option, the Google Ads accredited experts at teclan ensure that our clients’ campaigns include Responsive Search Ads as a best practice. We are a results driven team with a proven track record of increasing revenue using effective marketing strategies. Get in touch with any questions you may have about Google Ads or to learn more about how we can drive your sales online.

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