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What is your Return on Investment (ROI)?

Return on Ad Spend

Your Return on Ad Spend is revenue (or leads) divided by ad spend. Also referred to as Return on Investment (ROI), it tracks the profitability of online campaigns, ad groups, keywords and individual products or services promoted online.

Return on Ad Spend is the most vital metric to rank your online advertising campaigns. Your most accurate return on ad spend figures will be obtained from Google Analytics which tracks revenue from all online channels.

This includes revenue and leads generated from advertisements on Google, your organic Google listings, your social media pages and email marketing. Not only does this figure track a Return on Investment, it acts as a barometer for a suitable advertising budget and the online profitability of individual goods or services.

As a results-driven agency, teclan are committed to providing our clients with a tangible Return on Investment. We don’t just show how many users have accessed a site as a result of our digital advertising, we demonstrate how much revenue and how many leads have been generated as well.

To track revenue for our ecommerce clients, teclan links Google Analytics with our client’s ecommerce platform. However, non-ecommerce clients also need to see a tangible return on their marketing activities.

Non-ecommerce Businesses

Non-ecommerce businesses often make the mistake of spending thousands of pounds on a website, without a digital strategy to support the initial investment. The idea that any investment (be it online or offline) will run effectively without maintenance is short-sighted.

teclan consistently review the Analytics accounts of prospective clients with no tracking in place. Established and market-leading firms without any knowledge of how users interact with their website leaves a big question mark over the effectiveness of their website, left running without a digital strategy.

Your Website Data

Questions you should be able to answer:

  • What’s the most popular page on your website?
  • How many times do users access the Contact Us page of your website?
  • On average, how long do users spend exploring your website?
  • How many users click on the telephone links on your website?
  • What percentage of users engage with your website positively?
  • How many users click on the email links on your website?
  • How many users complete online enquiry forms on your website?
  • What percentage of users click away from your website, after visiting just one page?

With the above questions in mind, is your website currently running without a purpose?

Your Website Health Check

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