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£25,000 Back to Business Kick Start Fund

Tourism is back, hotels, pubs and restaurants are re-opening, shops and shopping centres are open, hairdressers and barbers can now get to work and there is talk about non-essential offices being staffed again – and we are all breathing a huge sigh of relief………… or are we?  

Or is it fair to say that the we are really concerned that the business that was there before lockdown is going to take some time to return and we are asking how to bring that business back sooner rather than later? 

At teclan, we care about our clients and realise that many business owners will fall into the second school of thought and we want to help! We are a “results driven” digital marketing agency and we want to deliver you results. Our team of experts are on hand and ready to help drive business to your websites, social media pages and places of work. 

In an ideal world, you would be able to know exactly who your customers are, which websites they visit, what their interests are and what they have been searching for – that way you would be able to talk to them directly, show them what you can offer and encourage them to buy from you. Wait a second! – that’s exactly what you can do with digital marketing. We can target your customers by geography, interest, specific sites, their searches and more besides.  

Back in July, and in order to help drive the sales process, teclan set aside a “Back to Business Kick Start” fund of £25,000. This was to to discount digital marketing campaigns for a limited number of businesses in August 2020. We had a great response and have managed to help many businesses kick start their re-growth. Given the fact that we have now fallen into a recession, we realise that we need to extend this fund in order to help many more businesses. To apply for part of the fund, simply get in touch by completing the form below.

There are three options within the fund. 

Option 1 – Client investment £300*, Fund value- £200 – Total marketing spend £500. In Option 1, teclan will manage your social media advertising over a 4 week period. Not simply creating posts for everyone, but targeting specific groups of individuals (your customers) with adverts, boosting organic posts, assisting and advising on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’ll receive invaluable advice to help you continue to succeed in social media. 

Option 2 – Client investment £550*, Fund value – £450 – Total marketing spend – £1000. In Option 2, teclan will focus on PPC advertising over a 4 week period.. A revenue & return on investment focus. We will set up your Google text ads & Google shopping ads. Ordinarily this has an immediate impact allowing you to tackle your competition – you reach the right people at the right time as you advertise directly to people searching for your type of business. As part of this process, teclan will create a tracking code to monitor all leads and revenue generated via paid ads meaning you have a measurable ROI. 

Option 3 – Client investment £1000*, Fund value – £1000 – Total marketing spend – £2000. This final option gives you the full digital marketing service that teclan offers over a 4 week period.. First, we will undertake a full digital health check of your website. We will then make the necessary changes to improve the loading speed and Search Engine Optimisation of the site, meaning you appear higher in organic searches. Should you require any security improvements, we will advise you of your options (there may be additional costs here, but you will have full control). You will also receive all of the services outlined in options 1 and 2. If you have a customer database, we will also assist you with the creation of a newsletter which teclan will send on your behalf. If you don’t have a customer database, we can help you begin to create one to help with future digital marketing.  

*In addition to the client investment, the client would also be responsible for the Google or social media ad spend – teclan can advise on this, budgets can be set, and the client would pay this directly to the provider.  

If you are interested, or would like to find out more information, please get in touch today – complete the form below.

There is a limit to the fund value so apply now before the limit is reached. 

Terms and Conditions of Back to Business Kick Start Fund  

  • The client investment element will be invoiced in advance. 
  • The fund value is £25,000 so we may not be able to approve all applications should demand exceed the fund value.  
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