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Teclan Top Tips

The team of experts at teclan want to help your business succeed online! Here, we have compiled some of our Teclan Top Tips to get you started with driving results for your company. 

This page will be updated weekly with each new top tip!

Week 1 - Know Your Audience

Fergus discusses how you can target your customers. With this knowledge you can save money, time and produce a greater return on your marketing investment.

Week 2 - Stop Wasting Money

Neil talks about how you can utilise your PPC campaigns effectively to ensure you are not wasting money on profitless marketing and instead direct quality traffic to produce conversions.

Week 3 - Cyber Security

Helen discusses the importance of cyber security and how these steps will ensure your website is safe from cyber attacks.

Week 4 - Website Optimisation

Stephen discusses how you can ensure your website is optimised for best performance so that your website is easy to be found by your potential customers.

Week 5 - Build A Contact List

Liam shares some tips on how to start building a contact list for your business to ensure you are able to market to valuable customers via email.

Jackie discusses the importance of choosing the correct domain to ensure a strong online presence for your business.

Jessica discusses the importance of social media marketing and shares some advice on how you can target an audience via Facebook advertising.

Jackie discusses the different type of domain addresses you can choose from and why it is important for you to choose one to suit your business.

Adrian shares his tips for checking your spelling online and why it is important to remain professional across all platforms.

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