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Web Design & Development in Manchester

The web developers and designers at teclan create next‑level, responsive websites that feel at home on all devices by strategically blending SEO best practice, user experience and brand storytelling.

Teamed up with numerous well known content management systems, we have bolstered many brands with our technical design and development expertise; from basic landing pages and brochure sites, to a fully integrated eCommerce system.

Whatever the requirement, we translate the essence of your identity into a practical and intuitive front and back end user interface – making navigation in the digital web simple.

We are experts in:

WordPress Web Design

For ease of use and maximum outreach to customers, a teclan WordPress web design should be your first choice!

At teclan we have an experienced WordPress web design team, providing mobile-friendly responsive websites backed up by one of the world’s most popular content management systems – now powering more than 25% of the world’s websites. The beauty of WordPress is that it is user-friendly and easy to expand, which means that the future of your website is in your hands – not your web developers!

WordPress is a great software solution that we have used to assist local businesses in Inverness, around the Highlands, throughout the UK, and around the globe allowing them full control over their website and how they bring their message to their customers.

We can provide all levels of WordPress website to your business, from simple installs of the open-source software that let you get on with it yourself, up to professionally customised premium theme designs. We can also provide WordPress blogs that are styled up to match your pre-existing e-commerce website.

Why this is the right choice for you

Our responsive WordPress web designs are built using flexible themes that responds to the size of the browser or device that is being used, altering the website content to fit, improving usability and customer experience on all sizes of screen. Responsive sites work from one codebase so you only have to manage and update one website with no need to maintain a separate mobile site/app, saving you time and money.

This is made even easier by the powerful WordPress dashboard, allowing easy web-based management of almost every aspect of your site and a massive, ever-growing plugin eco-system for adding new features. In short, if you want to do it online, you can do it with WordPress.

Examples of Responsive WordPress Websites by teclan

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