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If your site isn’t responsive, it isn’t working for your business

With the number of internet users now able to browse using mobile devices increasing year on year, you absolutely must ensure your website delivers the correct content in a clear and readable format – no matter what device your customers are using, from smartphones to smart TVs.

At teclan we love responsive design, and we love the opportunities offered to businesses by the mobile web. Our designers have been specialising in responsive design for the last six years, during which time we have seen it grow into the recommended method of providing a mobile-friendly experience to web users.

Having a great mobile site is no longer just about making a few more sales. It’s become a critical component of building strong brands, nurturing lasting customer relationships, and making mobile work for you.

The mobile web is growing year on year. Is your business positioned to take advantage?

If the “carrot” of better customer relationships, more traffic and higher sales wasn’t enough, here’s the “stick”: recent changes implemented by Google mean that not having a mobile-friendly website can actually hurt your site’s performance in search results. If browsing customers can’t view your site on a mobile, Google isn’t going to send them your way.

You can make the browsing experience wonderful for your customers, regardless of what device they use and whatever platform your site is built on; teclan can help.

One website. One system. Designed for multiple devices.

“We worked closely with teclan whose expertise helped us to deliver this world class, award winning, responsive website, to ensure that our company continues to offer the best experience for our online customers.”

Since launching our Responsive website design we have seen 20% increase in online revenue with teclan. Great value for money!

Just some of our work

A few examples of our work are below. You can find more on our Sellerdeck web design and WordPress web design pages.

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