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How To Optimise Your Online Paid Advertising Strategy To Earn More Leads & Revenue

As a business owner, you are likely to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to expand and develop your business. A key component of profitability is having a strong online presence. Many brands use PPC (pay per click) advertising as part of their online strategy as they know placing paid adverts across the likes of Google and Bing boosts brand awareness and revenue. With Google Ads, brands are able to reach their potential customers at the time they are looking for their products or services. This benefits both brand and audience as it makes it easier for a customer to find your business and make a purchase. However, it is important that your PPC campaign is well-managed as each time a user clicks on an ad, it costs the business money. Therefore, a poorly managed campaign can often be costly.

So, how do you optimise your Google Ads to ensure the best chance of a conversion? Our experts have put together a few of their top tips to make the most of the opportunities presented by Google.

Direct your audience to a relevant landing page

The ultimate goal of a PPC campaign is to make a sale or gain a lead. While a successful campaign will direct qualified leads to your website, the customer journey does not stop there. The next step lies with the page the potential customer lands on. You should ensure that the pages your ads direct users to are relevant to what they are searching for, as well as making the conversion process simple for them. Landing pages should be optimised in line with the content within your ads. Google charges advertising fees based on when someone clicks an ad so by ensuring consistency between keywords, ad copy and landing page, it is likely that only those with a relevant interest in your business will click on the ad with a higher chance of a conversion. Maintaining consistency between your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages should improve both your click-through and conversion rates while lowering your CPC. With this in mind, you should include keywords within ad copy and landing pages.

Fill in every available field when creating search ads

Last year, Google announced that advertisers will no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads. Instead, businesses have been encouraged to take advantage of Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). These are created in order to adapt to show more relevant information to your audience. When creating these ads, multiple headlines and descriptions are entered so that over time Google can test and learn which combinations perform best for your business. Businesses are able to add up to 15 headlines and four descriptions for a single RSA.

In any given ad combination, a maximum of three headlines and two descriptions will show. It is worth highlighting that any combination of ad copy can show, so it is important that headline and descriptions are written in a way that they make sense within every possible combination. By making use of all available space, businesses can tell customers a clear story about their brand, product, or service, leading to higher quality leads and conversions.

Conduct regular negative keyword reviews

A powerful aspect of Google Ads is the ability to use a negative keyword tool. This allows businesses to specify search terms that are irrelevant to their product or service. By ensuring your ads don’t show for irrelevant search terms, you are more likely to receive a qualified lead or conversion. For example, if you are a criminal defence lawyer, you want to make sure you appear for terms relevant to the legal services provided. It would be costly for your ads to appear under search terms such as ‘property solicitors’ if you do not provide these types of legal services.

Customise your target audience

Google Ads allows you to choose the type of person you would like your ad to reach. Perhaps you’d like your business to appear in front of a 28-year-old who lives in York and has an interest in cars. You can tailor ad campaigns to target users of a specific age range in certain locations, with specific interests, and reach them based on the searches they perform. You can also create custom audiences each with their own “custom affinities” and “custom intents” to narrow down your target audience and allow your PPC campaign to land in front of those more likely to convert.

Making the most of your Google Ads account

With PPC campaigns that are maintained and managed properly, businesses can see drastic improvements in the quality of leads and an increase in revenue. As Google charges for each click, it is important that ads are as relevant to the desired audience as possible. Above are just a few tips to help optimise your Google Ads but there are many more tricks to ensure your ads are fully optimised to drive relevant clicks and conversions. For years, the team of paid advertising experts at teclan has been driving growth in businesses of all sizes. Our specialists are always on hand to provide advice and use their expertise to help optimise your campaigns to increase revenue.

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